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Winchester Business Disagreement over City Centre Restrictions

January 21, 2013 by admin

A planned closure of a road in Winchester - Great Minster Street - that’s being used as a ‘rat run’ has caused a disagreement between the council and local firms.

Even though it’s only supposed to be for business and resident use, members of the public are cutting through at dangerous speeds – according to nearby St Swithun Street residents.

Local companies based in the area however want this thoroughfare to stay as it brings passing custom that wouldn’t otherwise occur.

Keith Scorgie, Managing Director at Design House said, “We do not want the road closed to traffic. There are very few cars that break the speed limit along here and drivers are sensible. We get people coming in because they drive past and look in our windows.

“I don’t see how anyone expects closing Great Minster Street to traffic will help, as it will push more traffic into Symonds Street and St Swithun Street and it’s locals who use it most to get around the one-way system because they know how to.”

Ken Thornber is set to apply his rubber stamp of approval for the repaving of Great Minster Street next Thursday (Jan 24).

Work will then start in mid-April and is expected to run until June at a total cost of £300,000. The county is set to fund £240,000, with the remaining £60,000 to be covered by the city.

Councillor Thornber said, "By continuing the improvements along Great Minster Street, we hope this will help to enhance the area even further and encourage more people to visit Winchester and see what it has to offer."



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